US Navy


NAF El Centro, CA


Total Value: $ 8,340,959
Electrical Value: $1,500,000

Aircraft Direct Fueling Station, CA

This project included construction of an additional direct refueling station with four fueling stations to support existing and future aviation detachments operating at Naval Air Facility El Centro. The new direct refueling station consisted of a 102,000-square-foot (11-inch PCC) concrete apron with four aircraft fueling positions requiring aircraft direct pantographs, deadman controls, and valves at each fueling lane. The new pumphouse was a pre-engineered metal building frame with masonry control room housing pumps, filters, and control valves. In an adjacent concrete vault, two 30,000-gallon JP-8 operating tanks with two 600-GPM vertical turbine fueling pumps and access platforms and a 2,500-gallon product recovery tank were also installed. Stainless steel piping above and below ground connects the fueling station and fueling positions on the apron. 

The extensive new apron paving area required airfield lighting and navigational aids, including new electrical ductbank, handholes and manholes, cables, and grounding.  A complete Airfield and Heliport Lighting and Visual Navigation Aid system was provided and installed, including light bases, wind direction indicator, obstruction lighting and marking, runway edge lights, runway threshold, and end lights.



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