US Navy


Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe, HI



Airfield Lighting Modernization At Mcb Kaneohe, Hi

This project required the demolition of existing airfield lighting and installation of a new airfield lighting and navigational aids (NAVAID) system.  Additional project work included repairs and improvements to traffic control and taxiways.  The project also featured a new airfield lighting vault (NAVAID Vault building) with standby generator.  The existing airfield lighting and NAVAID system remained operational at all times during construction.  Archaeological monitoring was required based on the possibility of ancient Hawaiian burial grounds in the vicinity.

The new 1,890-square foot building featured masonry and concrete construction and includes a NAVAID Vault, Storage Room, and Generator Room. The NAVAID Vault room houses constant current regulator (CCR) switchgear, a CCR Removal/Installation Cart, AFCLS NAVAID Controls, Main Breaker and Automatic Transfer Switch and Mini Power Center, distribution panels. and supporting transformer.  The generator room houses a new 200-kW emergency generator, generator control panel, generator space heater, manifold heater, battery charger, and 75-gallon day tank.  The generator is also supplied by a supplemental 1000-gallon aboveground concrete-vaulted fuel storage tank with access platform and stairs.  This new NAVAID Vault building includes a fire alarm system, wet pipe fire sprinkler system, HVAC system, interior lighting, and two new eyewash stations. Site preparation of the area included demolition of existing utilities, asphalt paving, curbs, and sidewalk, and new installation of sewer and waterline in the area as well as sidewalk and curb.

New NAVAID lighting and equipment systems, including ductbank, circuits, and base cans installed on this project included: precision approach path indicator lights (PAPI), illuminated wind cones and wind direction indicators, runway end identification lights (REILS), runway threshold lights, runway end lights, runway edge lights, runway distance marker signs, arresting gear marker signs, runway hold signs, directional signs, informational signs, taxiway edge lights and taxiway end lights. Approximately 60,000 linear feet of lighting ductbank and 56 junction boxes were installed to support the 617 new airfield lights and 55 lighted signs.  A new 75 kVA pad-mounted transformer and switches adjacent to the airfield to support the new lighting systems.



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