US Navy


RAAF Darwin, Australia


$ 64,698,876

Bulk Fuel Storage Tank; RAAF Darwin, Australia

This project constructs two 7,950-cubic-meter (50,000-Barrel) cut and cover bulk fuel storage tanks, two pump houses, a fuel filter building, and a petroleum operations building, as well as fuel filling and unloading stands to support United States Air Force (USAF) missions at Royal Australian Air Force Base (RAAF) Darwin. This project also includes relocation of a RAAF-owned Liquid Dry Breathing Oxygen facility. Vertical facility construction consists of reinforced concrete slab on grade and steel rigid frames with metal purlins and girts to frame the exterior roof and walls. This project also includes modification of the existing fire protection water system to support operation of USAF fuel facilities and all utilities, site improvements, pavements, communications infrastructure, backup generator, and other work necessary to provide complete and usable facilities.


In Progress

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