US Navy


Andersen AFB, Guam



Consolidated Fuel Projects, Phases 2 & 5

This project was a combination of two phases into a single project as follows.

Phase 2: Phase 2 installed a new Type III hydrant fueling system with a 2,400-Gallon-Per-Minute (GPM), precast, 3,750-square-foot concrete pumphouse. The mechanical fueling equipment included 600-GPM fuel transfer pumps, numerous control valves, issue filter separators, receipt filter separators and micronic filter, a Pump Logic Control (PLC) panel and graphic display panels, 400kW emergency power Generator, 12kV/480-volt Motor Control Center and Main Distribution Board, and other electrical panels and interior lighting.

Also constructed were two 1,590-cubic-meter (10,000-barrel) vertical aboveground JP-8 steel fuel storage tanks with a fixed cone roof structure and aluminum honeycomb floating plans. Nova resurfaced the site with 88,350-square-foot of Asphalt Concrete pavement and 74,500-square-foot of POL Area 8-inch and 5-inch thick Portland Cement Concrete.

The new work on the apron was separated into three phases of construction that included over 15,000 linear feet of buried 14-inch stainless steel piping.  The airfield concrete pavement work consists of approximately 183,000 square feet, 12 inches thick, and pavement stripping removal and replacement.

Phase 5:  Phase 5 constructed two 15,900-cubic-meter (100,000-barrel) aboveground JP-8 jet fuel steel storage tanks with a center pipe supporting fixed cone roof and a pumphouse. Nova installed transfer pumps, control valves, filter separators, micronic filters, PLC panel, graphic display panels, and a 400kW emergency power generator.  Nova removed ten 50,000-gallon underground jet fuel and two 1,500-gallon waste fuel tanks, 10,500 linear feet of underground receipt and issue piping, ten hydrant outlets and lateral control pits, and pumphouses with interior piping and fuel equipment.



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