US Navy


NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA


Project Value: $ 139,763,504
Electrical Value: $20,000,000

CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement, NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA

This design-build pier replacement project constructed a new 120-foot wide concrete pier, with over 2,200 linear feet of berthing, serving current and future classes of CVNs.  The pier is supported by 650 concrete piles (24-inch) and concrete pile caps and includes 263 precast concrete fender piles (24-inch and 18-inch piles) and mooring bollards and cleats.  Adjacent work included 600 linear feet of quay wall and strengthening 1,000 linear feet of sheet pile wall.

The replacement of the pier required major modifications to the upland underground medium voltage distribution and installation of new pierside distribution.  The future Class CVNs electrical requirements dictated a new 60 MVA, 34.5 kV/13.8 kV/4.16 kV substation and a new generation of shore-power mounds and substations.  The upgrades required changes and rerouting of the cross-base 34.5kV distribution feeders between existing substations F, G, and H to the new 34.5kV substation.  The upgrades required a retrofit of existing switchgear at the existing substation with new CT and SEL protective relays. Substation 73 was replaced with a new substation capable of supplying two CVNs with 13.8 kV and 4.16 kV shore power during maintenance.  Waterside 34.5kV/480V substations and distribution were required for shore power and industrial power to support maintenance/repair operations. The substation connections to the pier outlets required 100,000 feet of conduit.  The upland distribution included over one mile of new ductbank in conjunction with reuse of existing ductbank.

The extensive electrical equipment package included: Substation I – 34.5 KV switchgear, Substation 78 – 15kV switchgear, 6 each 35kV SF6 switches, 2 each 34.5kV/13.8kV/4.16KV Transformers, Shore power mound/stations, including 34.5KV Transformers and 500A receptacles, 5 each 1.5 MVA 34.5KV/480V Pad-Mounted Transformers, 2 each 15KV/480V Pad-Mounted Transformers, 2 each 20-MVA transformers,  50 kVA standby Generator/ATS, Multiple Panelboards, Dry-Type Transformers, and Current Transformers, Protective Relays, PTs, and meters at all substation/power mound locations and a complete SCADA System.



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