US Navy


NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA



Drydock 4 and Pier 3 Modernization, NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA

This project involved constructing four new substations (43A, 43B, 43C, and 43D) at each corner of Drydock 4 at the Bremerton Shipyard. Substation construction involved new CIP slab on grade, equipment pads, containment curbing, fencing, new transformers, and walk-in switchgear. Work also included installing a new duct bank on both the east and west side of the drydock. The west side also involved installing new pre-cast manholes within the new duct bank run. In total, over 400,000 linear feet of new electrical wire were installed, with over 100,000 linear feet of new electrical conduit, over 6,000 linear feet of duct bank, and over 106,000 pounds of steel reinforcing. There was also over 500 cubic yards of concrete formed/poured finish, over 16,000 square feet of concrete paving demolished and repaired, and over 12,000 square feet of asphalt demolished and repaired. Associated site paving (both asphalt and concrete) was also performed in the duct bank areas, after the duct bank was installed.

The scope at Drydock 4 also involved upgrading mechanical systems (i.e., fresh water) and electrical gear (i.e., shore/industrial power mounds) within the existing galleries within the drydock (6 each on the east side and 6 each on the west side). Additionally, the existing gallery structures (i.e., walls, stairs, floors) were demolished and then re-poured, upgrading them with more room.

Lastly, project scope also involved work on Pier 3. On Pier 3, two substations were modified/upgraded with new foundations, fencing, and gear. Existing shore/industrial power equipment was upgraded with new gear. Additionally, new structural hangers and an under-pier duct bank were installed under the pier. Hangers consisted of both stainless steel and fiberglass components. The conduit was fiberglass as well.




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