Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS)


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA


Total Value: $ 55,378,343

Exascale Computing Facility Modernization, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA

This project provided an additional 40 MW of power and 18,000 tons of process cooling water to the Laboratory’s Building 453 (B453). This has enabled the Laboratory to operate a series of the world’s fastest High-Performance Computers in the coming decade. The project included a 115kV power line extension to a new substation located adjacent to B453. Transformers supplied 13.8kV power that was routed through underground duct banks to unit substations located in the mechanical room on the first floor of B453. A cooling tower was constructed adjacent to the substation. Heat exchangers and pumps were connected to a cooling loop that was routed underground to B453 and distributed overhead to the first-floor mechanical room. This project has earned awards for excellence from both AGC of California and AGC of America.



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