Department of Energy


Lawrence Livermore Lab, CA


$ 3,128,726

Exascale Computing Facility Modernization (ECFM) Site Preparation

This ECFM Site Preparation project is the first in a series of several projects to modify and upgrade the civil, structural, architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems of B453 and the 3.5 adjacent acres of previously developed site. These modifications and upgrades will allow for continued use of B453 to support the increasing demands of the next generation of high-performance computers and also provide enhanced power and cooling for the current and future ATS computers.

This initial project prepares the construction site for an efficient start of the main ECFM construction project.  The work includes relocating utilities that support enduring functions such as, power to adjacent buildings and sanitary sewer for the existing cooling tower blowdown. This relocation allows for follow-on main ECFM construction work with fewer interruptions to ongoing operations.  New site utilities are being installed with provisions for follow-on work.  A new modular building, B3777, is being provided and installed, including area site preparation. Existing B3577, which is located in the footprint of the follow-on main ECFM construction work, is being removed and the operations and personnel will be relocated into the new B3777.



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