U.S. Department of Energy 


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA



Expand Electrical Distribution System At Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Ca

This design-build project provided a new underground 15 kV power duct bank system and manholes between substations serving the east side of the Laboratory. The project included new 15 kV power cables and load grid switchgear (LGS) units to eliminate single-point failures to current facilities and to support planned future development.

The new electrical work included installation of new 15 kV express feeder ductbanks, feeder circuits, and manholes.  A new load grid switchgear unit was provided and installed as well as infrastructure for a second LGS unit for future expansion.  A communications ductbank, including handholes and cable, was also installed.   The new underground ductbank installation included both traditional trench excavation and backfill as well as jack-and-bore installation.  Site civil work also included removal and replacement of asphalt pavement and concrete curbs.

The project also required special environmental considerations and accommodations for the California red-legged frog and protected birds with known nesting areas in the vicinity.  Several locations within the project vicinity are also known CERCLA VOC source areas creating challenges during excavation and handling of soil.



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