USACE Sacramento


Beale AFB, CA



Fuel Hydrant System Replacement, Beale AFB, CA

This project will provide a new Type III Hydrant system in the vacant area north and just east of the aircraft parking apron. The system will include two 5,000-barrel aboveground storage tanks. The new 1,800-Gallon-Per Minute pump station will include an enclosed control room including HVAC and plumbing as required. A new underground receipt pipeline to extend existing receipt capabilities to the new fuel system will be provided along with supply and return piping from the pumphouse out to the parking apron. This piping will include 7 aircraft refueling hydrant pits, 11 high point vent and low point drain pits, and 4 isolation pits. Nova will provide a new 4,500-square-foot tanker truck off-loading station, and a new 7,850-square-foot refueler truck fillstand with an HHT Checkout station. The project includes over 9,000 linear feet of 10-inch carbon steel piping, and an approximately 1,500-linear foot 10-inch carbon steel transfer line. Construction will also provide new roadways, fencing, sidewalks, utilities, electrical, controls, and other support features associated with the new fueling system.



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