USACE Sacramento


Beale AFB, CA



Fuel Receipt Area & Storage Tank at Beale AFB

This project constructs a new 10,000 gallon–barrel jet fuel (JP–8) tank, a transfer pump house with two 600–gallon–per–minute (GPM) pumps and filter separators, two 4,400 sf (square foot) tank truck off–loading stations, and significantly modifies the existing 1,033 sf truck fill stand. The new transfer pump house will include pump and control rooms. In total, the size of the new fuel system is 8,920 lf (linear feet), including the tanks, pumphouse, pig launcher, truck off-loads, and truck fill stand. The new pumps will provide a 1,200–GPM transfer flow rate. The pump station will also include filtration for off–loading receipt and for issue to the truck fill stand. The new truck off–loading system will include two tank truck receipt connection points and will provide a nominal off–loading rate of 600–GPM per truck, for a total of 1,200–GPM simultaneously. Other work includes metal fabrication such as containment dike stairs, EPDS stands, equipment racks, bollards, PH angles and anchor bolts, wall sleeves, fuel piping spools and pipe supports, and electrical work including interior and exterior lighting, cathodic protection, communication, and a fire detection system.



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