US Navy


Naval Station Mayport, FL


$ 18,146,879

Improvements to Wharves D, E, & F, Naval Station Mayport, FL

The work included the design and construction of utility and mooring improvements to Wharf D, Berths 2, 3, and 4, including integrated site development and incidental related work to upgrade the facility to accommodate triple-nesting of FFG class ships at each berth. The project resulted in an increased berthing capacity from 3 Frigates to 9 Frigates.

The structural modifications to the wharf included installation of a new 1,450-linear-foot sheet pile toe-wall utilizing heavy section king piles. The new shore utility installation included water, sewer, steam, storm drain, oily waste, fuel, communication, and telephone systems, complete with wharf outlet hoods. Electrical utility work consisted of modification and expansion of the 28kV primary and secondary electrical distribution systems. Nova provided three new enclosed unit substations, two new enclosed regulator stations, two new 3,750kVA unit substation, and 5,500 linear feet of new high voltage ductbank.

Demolition of existing facilities included removal of a boiler plant and an air compressor plant. Removal of existing buried utilities included oily waste, fuel, compressed air, steam, water, and sewer. Temporary steam and bypass lines were installed prior to demolition of the existing systems to provide continuous service to the affected areas. Area work also included new PCC and asphalt paving, and construction of a storm water retention pond.



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