US Navy


MCAS Miramar, CA


Nova’s Subcontract Value: $12,148,452
Electrical Value: $2,000,000

In-line Fueling Stations

The project consisted of the construction of an in-line fueling station and apron and aircraft parking apron modification at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, a fully operational airfield. As a significant subcontractor, Nova’s portion of the work included the addition of new aircraft direct fueling stations and related area work.  Four new aircraft fueling lanes with eight pantograph fueling stations, including associated site work and aircraft pavement, were installed. A new aviation fuel transfer line piping to and from the new fueling stations was installed, including a cathodic protection system.  Demotion work included an existing underground fuel storage tank and associated piping and appurtenances.  Other project work included demolition and removal approximately 41,000 square meters of aircraft pavement, including a retaining wall, and replacing with new pavement.  Removal and replacement work included joint sealant on aircraft pavement, aircraft pavement striping, and striping for new aircraft parking layout, and modifications to the existing parking aprons

This project included new airfield lighting and navigational aids and required installation of underground electrical distribution ductbank, handholes and manholes, cables, and grounding systems. The following specialty items were installed as part of the airfield lighting and visual navigation system: light bases, circuit selector cabinet, wind direction indicator, obstruction lighting and marking, runway edge lights, runway threshold and end lights, runway distance markers, arresting gear markers, taxiway edge lights, taxiway guidance lights, hold position signs, and a helipad perimeter light. 

Area utility work on the project included connection to existing medium voltage base electrical service and installation of new electrical service.   New underground 15kV electrical service was provided to support the new fueling equipment installation, airfield lighting systems, and new lighting circuits. Electrical equipment installed included a new SF6 4-way 15kV switch, 45 kVA 4160V/208/120V transformer on a new pad at the perimeter of the airfield adjacent to an existing manhole and a new pad-mounted equipment rack to support the new lighting circuit panelboard, pantograph control panel and circuit selector switch. The new in-line fueling system equipment required the installation of an intricate controls system and new control panel with fiber optic interface to existing main pump control panel (PCP) in the pumphouse control room.  A new fire alarm circuit connecting to the existing PCP and the fire alarm control panel was also installed.



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