US Navy


NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA


Total Value: $9,449,250
Electrical Value: $3,750,000

Integrated Drydock Water Treatment, DD6

This project upgraded the infrastructure at Drydock 6 to bring the shipyard into compliance with current environmental standards for the collection and treatment of industrial process water from each drydock by providing added capability and capacity for on-site collection, containment, and treatment of process water from the drydock floors.

The existing process water piping and pumps were demolished, and two new pumps were installed. New 8-inch and 10-inch ductile iron piping was installed in the pump well.  On the drydock floor, 18 new 6-inch knife gate valves were installed and tied into the existing system.  New SPCW (Single Pass Cooling Water) manifolds, piping, and bollards and 18 overflow baffles in the Sand Traps were installed. The existing Piezometer conduit was relocated. New ground water relief piping was installed, with ½-inch stainless steel tubing, and 5,000 linear feet of ¾-inch fiberglass conduit and wire in the side tunnels for the knife gate valve positioning switches and sand trap level sensors. 

Electrical demolition work included the removal of the existing circuit between the 4.16kV switchboard and the Substation 85 service transformer and between the existing 300 kVA transformer and the auxiliary power panel/ switchboard.  The existing 300 kVA transformer, the existing process water pumps and feeder connections, and associated controls back to the auxiliary panel were also removed.  A new distribution panel to feed the existing auxiliary power panel/switchboard and feed the larger process water pumps was installed.  A new circuit between the new and existing distribution/auxiliary panels was provided along with the installation of a new 500 kVA transformer to service the upgraded system.



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