US Navy


RAAF Base Tindal, Australia



Jet Fuel Storage Tanks at RAAF Base Tindal, Australia

This project, a joint venture with Nova’s Australian sister company Nacap, includes constructing two 25,000-barrel cut-and-cover bulk fuel storage tanks to accommodate USAF mission aircraft training at Royal Australian Air Force Base (RAAF) Tindal in Australia’s remote Northern Territory. The fuel work consists of constructing an aircraft liquid fuel 3,600-GPM pumphouse, and a 4,800-GPM filter building. Located under a Gantry structure are truck fill stands, fuel stand unloading, and a hydrant hose truck check-out station. The fuel system’s significant components include over 7,000 linear feet of stainless steel above and underground piping, vertical turbine pumps, filter separators, product recovery tank, and various plug, ball, and control valves. Electrical aspects of the project include medium/low voltage Class 1 Division 1 & Division 2 environments for power, lighting, instrumentation, fire protection, and cathodic protection. Installation of a standby 440kW generator and extensive testing and commissioning of the new fuel and power systems is also included.



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