Nevatim Israeli AFB, Israel



JET FUEL SYSTEM; Nevatim AFB, Israel

The project included the new construction of a fuel distribution system that consisted of a main distribution piping line that was 14-inch diameter sizing down to 10-inch and 8-inch diameters at the arterial filtration facilities. The fuel pumps included four vertical suspended turbine, 600 GPM; two jockey pumps, 200 GPM; two each drain pumps, 50 GPM; four tank truck unloading pumps, 300 GPM; and one transfer pump, 200 GPM. The filtration system included approximately 300 Filter-Strainers and Filter Separators. Other work included a new Tank Truck Unloading Facility with four truck positions; a Fuel Receiving building; two fuel storage tanks with a capacity of 1,000 cubic meters (264,200 gallons); numerous Fuel Slops Collection tanks; and a Fuel Filtering Building.

Jet Fuel Station #1 consisted of a fuel tank truck unloading facility, fuel slops collection system and oil-water separation system, underground fuel mains, valve chambers, and low point drains.

The Aircraft Shelter Area consisted of a fuel distribution system, filtering equipment, fuel distribution equipment, aircraft refueling positions, and valve chambers. Electrical work will include cathodic protection, electrical distribution, and control systems.

The Aircraft Sheds Areas included fuel filtering equipment and fuel distribution equipment, slops collection tanks and oil-water separators, valve chambers, and aircraft refueling positions.



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