US Navy


San Diego, CA


Total Value: $ 45,046,854
Electrical Value: $12,200,000

P-700A Berthing Wharf, Phase 2, San Diego, CA

The Navy needed to expand its existing berthing capability for homeported CVNs, and the project provided a new wharf that would allow for maintenance on the vessels.  The new 1,400-linear-foot concrete wharf included the installation of new utility systems on the wharf, including steam/condensate, JP-5 fuel, oily waste, sewer, salt water, fresh water, storm drain, telephone, electrical, and extension of the portal crane system from the adjacent CVN berthing wharf.  Area work included a new 25,000-square-foot CVN warehouse and a 2,500-square-foot pre-engineered laydown building.

Electrical work included 12.47 kV distribution throughout the site with tie-in to the existing substation at the adjacent wharf.  The new wharf featured five 12.47kV/480V substations that support multiple 480V Mounds, 4160V Mounds, Industrial Mounds, and Telephone mounds, all of which provide shore services to docked aircraft carriers.   The wharf has an integrated static ground in the deck that includes static grounding pits for the portal crane rail extension from the adjacent wharf. 

The new wharf also has an oily waste pump station and waste water pump station, both requiring electrical service and standby generator backup power.  Wharf security and site area lighting included 36 new poles with new floodlight fixtures.  The new CVN warehouse and Laydown building that support this wharf included separate power, lighting, fire alarm, and communication systems installation.



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