US Navy


Bremerton, WA



Perform Sewer Repairs

This is a design-build project that provides a replacement for the main sanitary sewer forcemain that transports sanitary waste off base to the City of Bremerton Sewage Treatment Plant. This portion (“Phase III”) starts just inside the Controlled Industrial Area, runs along the waterfront, and ties into an existing manhole near the NAVFAC Public Works Building 467, located in the southwest area of Naval Base Kitsap at Bremerton.

The project presents many logistical challenges because of multiple crossing and parallel utilities located in the project area. To address these challenges, Nova had the design alignment closely follow the parallel alignment of the existing force main. This should, in theory, allow the Nova crew to minimize parallel utility conflicts. The new pipeline is being constructed prior to taking the old pipeline out of service; a short segment at either end will tie the new pipe into the existing structures during our final tie-in outage. An additional benefit to this approach is the simplification of bypassing, as existing pipelines are being used to transport sewage while the new line is built and tested. The only time when a bypass will be needed is during the final tie-in, which will take place off-hours when flows are at a minimum flow rate.


Mar 2015



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