DLA Energy


Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar


Project Value: $ 122,667,583
Electrical Value: $4,185,000

Petroleum Storage Facility, Qatar

This contract required the financing, design, build, and continued operation of the largest worldwide Department of Defense aircraft fueling facility.  The project included design and installation of an emergency power system on this project to support a set of interconnected loads at the nine fueling system operational locations.  These critical loads included six fuel pumphouses, two filtration facility buildings, and a tank truck offload facility.  Due to project location and unreliability of area power this fuel system required the installation of four 750 kW generators with 48-continuous-hour capacity as a backup system power source.  This diesel power source enables these loads to be isolated for independent operation in the event of unstable power or complete power failure. These generators are also rated for operation with JP-8 fuel (the fuel utilized in the system installed) to provide an additional option for fueling during extended sustained operation from the generator source.  Although the generator installation was intended as a backup power source, this equipment served as the primary power source to this fueling facility for two years.   Although diesel, the four generators could also operate on JP-8 fuel and were fed by the bulk fuel system and operating storage tanks also installed on this project.

In addition to the generator installation, the electrical work included power distribution, lighting, controls, instrumentation, telephone, grounding, emergency fuel shutoff, fire alarms, and cathodic protection.  New medium voltage service was installed to provide power from generator service to the new building and included the installation of paralleling switchgear.  The new fuels system equipment required the installation of an intricate controls system tied to the main pump control panel in the pumphouse building where all system operations are monitored and controlled.  Safety equipment, lightning protection, and electronic system grounding were provided. 



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