US Navy


New London, Groton, CT




The Pier 17 Replacement project had two distinct phases. The first phase of construction consisted of an upgrade to Pier 15 that included modification and additions to the utility and electrical systems of the pier, necessitated by the relocation of a new ARDM drydock. In addition to the mechanical and electrical modifications, 6,100 CY of dredging was required.

The second phase of the project included the demolition of existing 1940 vintage pier; driving 108 36” piles that ranged in length from 60’ to 155’ long; an extensive electrical package; placement of 3,000 CY of concrete for wharf deck; pier utilities including compressed air; water lines; a fire system; steam and condensate lines; communication systems; and dredging.

The mechanical phase of Pier 17 construction consisted of new pier utilities, including sewer and potable water, compressed air, fire water, and steam and condensate distribution system. The steam and condensate system designed, manufactured, and installed by Nova was designed and built as a Class A system consisting of two insulated pipes inside of a single fiberglass casing. This system looped the Pier 17 and included several manholes, and replaced an existing steam system that was demolished. The demolition, in turn, included the removal of asbestos insulation from the existing system.



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