NAVFAC Northwest


NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WA



Refurbish Main Dewatering Pump #1, Pumpwell 2

The goal of this design-build project is to overhaul one of the drydock dewatering pumps at Pumpwell 2 to restore pump performance and ensure the continued operability and functionality of the drydocks. This project will refurbish the main dewatering pump #1 located inside the drydock at Pumpwell 2. The scope of the work will include procurement of two pump casings and replacement of the pump impellor, pump casing and footings, pump motor, and motor controls, and a check valve with a dampener. Also, the shaft connecting the pump and motor will be refurbished, as well as the shaft couplings and the shaft bearings. Components will be aligned and tested.


Completion: In-Progress

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