Pittsburgh ARS, PA



ADAL Fuel Hydrant System And Paving with Lighting; Pittsburgh ARS, PA

This project constructed four new hydrant positions and on-site storage and pumps, as well as transfer pipelines needed to connect these additions to the main installation bulk fuel storage area. Concrete apron slabs to the south and west sides of the West Apron were also added. The project also included demolishing partial existing concrete slabs adjacent to new proposed slabs to form a rectangular slab pattern; installing new aircraft tiedowns; demolishing six existing apron lighting stands in proposed new slab locations; and restriping taxilines and seal joints. In the second phase of the project, Nova removed and replaced the AC pavement area; repaired Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) pavement by crack sealing, joint sealing, and full and partial depth PCC patching; provided localized slab replacement; and provided/installed surface inlets, underground drainage, and storm water detention. The project included construction of concrete pavement and flexible pavement.


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