US Navy


Bremerton, WA



Repair Dewatering Pumps & Motors At Drydock 5

The work includes the overhaul of three main dewatering pumps (130,000 GPM/1200 HP), motors, check valves, and dash pots.  Only one pump assembly could be overhauled at a time, with the other two pumps required to be operational for drydock support.  After outage coordination, each pump motor, suction head, motor controller, shaft bearings, and intermediate drive shafts were removed for inspection and repair work.  The pump casing was repaired in place, followed by the installation of repaired and replaced pump and associated components. Each complete pump system, including check valve, pump motor, motor controller, and controls was tested and commissioned following the repair work. Incidental work included removal of asbestos-containing material during wiring removal and replacement.



In Progress

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