Cannon AFB, New Mexico




This project consists of replacing the fuel storage and loading facilities including the pump house, three jet fuel tanks, two JP-8 truck off-load stations, four JP-8 fillstands, the ground fuel dispensing station, four 12,000 gallon vaulted tanks, piping, ground fuel off-load and fillstand, site demolition, grading, pavement, curb and gutter, utilities, control systems, communications, area lighting, fencing and gates, lightning protection, and generator setup.

The tank bottoms of two large fuel storage tanks will be replaced by tank bottoms with leak detection. The existing fillstands, off-load area, and distribution piping to the tanks will be demolished. New truck-off-load stands, new truck fill stands, and distribution system will be constructed so that the fueling capacity of the base will be greatly enhanced.

Also included will be removal of the existing aluminum geodesic dome to be replaced by new fixed steel roof and appurtenances for tank no. 394 along with removal of the existing floating roof replaced with anew aluminum floating pan roof.

Tank no. 394 and 396 will have new ten-inch slotted ATG gauge well with two-inch slotted water sampling wells over center sumps and new eight-inch slotted manual gauge stilling wells with floating plugs for tanks.

The control and pump buildings will be demolished including asbestos removal and disposal as applicable. After demolition of the fuel distribution system and the construction of the new tank bottoms, the existing concrete dikes to the fuel storage tanks and dike liners will be repaired.

Additional work includes excavation, stockpiling, handling of 800 tons of petroleum contaminated soil, and disposal including final testing for disposal.

The new facility will handle several types of fuel; JP-8 aircraft fuel, diesel, and gasoline. A new 3,750 SF control and pump house building is being constructed to manage the fueling system. Site-work includes construction of a concrete ramp for vehicles, valve pits, and four 12,000 gallon above-ground storage tanks.



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