US Navy


NAS North Island, CA



Replace Fuel Storage Tanks

This project involved the construction of four new 13,500-barrel aboveground jet fuel (JP-5) bulk storage tanks with cathodic protection, leak detection, secondary containment and automatic high-level shutoffs.  Also included in the project construction was a 2,400-Gallon-Per-Minute pumphouse with fuel pumping equipment and programmable PLC panel, carbon steel fuel distribution piping, a truck loading and unloading station, utilities, and site improvements. 

Nova also constructed two new hot refueling sites with the installation and welding of approximately 340 linear feet of direct buried double contained fuel pipe, 165 linear foot jack-and-boring of casings for double contained fuel pipe under two active taxiways, and two concrete fueling stations for aboveground fuel pipe and pantograph systems. These new refueling stations feed from the new aboveground fuel storage tanks and pumping station. 

Nova incorporated four existing 500,000-gallon underground fuel storage tanks into the system with the new aboveground tanks.



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