Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ


Total Value: $ 20,032,340
Electrical Value: $2,500,000

Type III Hydrant Fuel System, AZ

This project constructed a JP-8 Type III hydrant fueling system serving 9 aircraft parking positions, each hot pit capable, efficiently providing fuel directly to the aircraft through underground piping from the standard Type III pump house, with pumps and filter separators. The project also included two 10,000-barrel operating tanks with impermeable dike walls and liner, two truck fill stands, product recovery system and hydrant service vehicle checkout stand, solid state towable stainless steel pantographs, a pantograph parking pad, and a looped fuel dispensing (hydrant) system. A new fuel transfer line was installed, connecting the existing bulk storage facility and transfer line to the new Type III pumphouse. The project near an active runway also included 38,000 square feet of 16-inch PCC paving on the apron, 13,900 square feet of 10-inch PCC paving in the fuel area, and an additional 2,700 square feet of 6-inch PCC paving, also in the fuel area.   A new 6,200-square-foot Operations Building (Support Facility) was also constructed according to LEED Silver specifications.  Area utility work included water line, storm drain, and containment drain systems.

Electrical work included connection to existing medium voltage base electrical service, installation of new electrical service to the Operations Building, fire alarm system, fire protection for fuel facilities system, area high mast lighting, and an airfield static ground grid.

The project scheduling and work sequencing included 5 phases (with additional sub-phasing) of work phasing requirements to maintain ongoing aircraft and base operations including critical fuel operations at this active airfield.



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