US Navy


Pacific Missile Range Facility, Makaha Ridge, Kauai, Hawaii


$ 41,025,710

Upgrade Power Plant & Electrical Distribution System, Kauai, Hawaii

The work included construction to upgrade the standby power plant (Building #711) to provide sufficient generation capacity to support the range systems at Makaha Ridge. The project also upgraded the exterior electrical distribution system to an underground, dual-feed, loop-configured, primary electrical distribution system. The new system included approximately 8,000 linear feet of duct structure for the north and south loops and included 20 new concrete octagonal manholes.

The existing power plant building steel framing and concrete footings remained. The building foundation upgrade work included grade beams under the generator room and separate concrete pads to support the new engine-generators. Demolition included the removal of the existing equipment and concrete slab. New prefinished metal panels replaced the existing asbestos-containing wall siding and roof panels. The expanded power plant facility included a generator room with secured open storage, control room, restroom, coffee mess, telecommunications room, and electrical switchgear room. Covered areas were also added for fire suppression equipment and mechanical pumps. Secondary building service connections to the Makaha Ridge facilities from the upgraded electrical distribution system service transformers were also provided.

The new electrical equipment installed by this project included four 485kW/480V Diesel Engine Generators, several transformers, and pad-mounted switches. The fuel system supplying the new generators consisted of four 275-gallon day tanks and two 8,000-gallon tanks with leak detection. New mechanical system installation included HVAC, carbon-dioxide fire-extinguishing piping and system, compressed air system (21.2 CFM), and Lube Oil and Urea Systems with storage tanks as well as a fire alarm system. The building also featured a new 7.5-ton bridge crane.

The existing facility had to remain in service throughout construction. Two 725kW temporary Diesel Engine Generators were provided to ensure power during the 2-year power plant modification.



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