Waterfront Construction

Project NameLocationClientValue ($USD)Completed
60Marginal Wharf Shore Power Undervoltage Relays, B7176

Bangor, WAUS Navy$1,420,000Current
59Drydock 4 and Pier 3 Modernization

NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$46,550,2052023
58Refurbish Main Dewatering Pump #1, Pumpwell 2NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WANAVFAC Northwest$6,412,777Current
57Replace Delta Pier Switching Station, B/7035NB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$9,450,000Current
56Rebuild Main Dewatering Pump #2, Pumpwell 2PSNS, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$4,893,127Current
55Repair Concrete at Drydock 6NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$4,874,255Current
54Replace Saltwater Risers at Pier 5NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$2,368,0002021
53Ammunition Pier Structural Integrity RepairsNAVMAG Indian Island, WAUS Navy$7,425,0002021
52Land-Water InterfaceNB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$22,077,8672020
51Drydock 6 Modernization and Utility ImprovementsNB Kitsap, Bremerton, WANAVFAC Northwest$21,425,3992022
50Repair Saltwater Distribution SystemsBremerton, WANAVFAC Northwest$13,789,5812020
49Perform Sewer RepairsNB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$1,609,1922016
48Repair Main Dewatering Pumps & Motors, PW 2NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$15,643,8272021
47Repair Dewatering Pumps & Motors at Drydock 5NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WANAVFAC Northwest$7,357,0092020
46Replace Steel Notch Bridge 1047NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$1,830,3112018
45Replace Failed Freshwater Piping at Pier 3NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$1,689,5432016
44P-151 Replace Fuel Pier*NB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$68,518,1682018
43Explosives Handling Wharf #2*NB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$348,383,2522016
42Repair UtilitiesNWS Earle, NJUS Navy$19,425,9502016
41Install Mooring Dolphins, Service Pier B/7100NB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$2,772,1812014
40Repair Pure Water Distribution SystemsNB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$1,774,2422014
39Replace Drain Pumps & Motors, DD4Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$1,195,6162013
38UT Inspection & Repair Caisson, DD4Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$1,240,7852013
37Integrated Drydock Water Treatment, DD 6NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$9,449,2502013
36Replace/Overhaul Pump Motor No. 1Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$1,243,2552013
35CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement*NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$139,763,5042013
34Drydock 1 & 2 Ship Support ServicePearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$29,993,9752013
33Drydock 1 Overhaul Pumps 2 & 3Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$2,724,1462013
32Repair Bravo 1 PierPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$6,295,5792012
31Small Craft Floats & Service PierNB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$1,148,7212010
30Repair Drydock 1 Walls and Caisson SeatPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$4,951,7782010
29Bravo 3 Pier RepairPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$10,817,5742010
28F12 & F13 Wharf RepairsFord Island, HIUS Navy$15,088,3832009
27Drydock 4 & 5 Service Gallery RepairsNB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$3,643,4862009
26Pier 5000 Deck RepairNB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$7,023,0002008
25Drydock 1 Concrete Wall RepairsPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$5,817,8972008
24Replace Drain Pumps Motors, Drydock 1Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$1,267,0002008
23Drydock 3 Basin Walls RepairPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$2,239,5702008
22Mission Support Services for SSBN/SSGNNB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$12,904,0512007
21Pier 8 Concrete RepairsNB San Diego, CAUS Navy$2,857,8662007
20Drydock 2 Floor Spall RepairsPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$1,703,1262007
19Drydock 2 Wall & Service GalleryPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$2,275,2502007
18Drydock 4 ShorepowerPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$4,473,5252007
17Drydock 6 Floor RepairsNB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$9,413,0652006
16Pier Concrete Repairs, Coronado, CANaval Base Coronado, CAUS Navy$2,989,0002005
15S375 Wharf RepairsFord Island, HIUS Navy$1,909,9802005
14Drydock 2 RepairsPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$3,443,1502005
13Consolidated Dry Docks A & BPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$13,740,1692005
12Design/Build Open Ocean Supply PierSan Nicolas Island, CAUS Navy$14,455,6952005
11P-700A Berthing Wharf, Phase 2NAS North Island, CAUS Navy$45,046,8542002
10Improvements to Wharves D, E & FMayport, FLUS Navy$18,146,8792001
9P-700 Aircraft Carrier WharfNAS North Island, CAUS Navy$67,365,1431998
8Land-Based Ship Handling FacilityCGY Curtis Bay, MDUS Coast Guard$10,420,1291997
7General Purpose Berthing Wharf Y2Pearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$14,365,2551997
6Pier 17 ReplacementNSB New London, CTUS Navy$12,572,0471996
5Kuahua Peninsula, Phase IIPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$56,855,1961996
4Deep Seawater & Surface Seawater Pipeline CrossingsKeahole Point, Kona, HIState of HI$3,140,0001995
3Structural Repairs to Wharves 6, 6 1/2, & 7Oakland, CAUSACE$14,019,3191992
2Pier & Shore ImprovementsFord Island, HIUS Navy$30,120,0521992
1Wharf ModificationsPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$9,578,1251992

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