Fuel Distribution Construction

Project NameLocationClientValueCompleted
59Construct Jet Fuel Bulk Storage Tanks - Phase 1Yokota Air Base, JapanUSACE Japan¥7,081,800,000Current
58HYDRANT FUEL SYSTEM AND PUMPHOUSE, MITCHELL AFBGeneral Billy Mitchell Air National Guard Base, Milwaukee WIUSACE$35,159,500Current
57Jet Fuel Storage Tanks at RAAF Tindal, Australia*Northern Territory, AustraliaUS Navy$80,407,700Current
56Hydrant Fuel System ReplacementEllsworth, AFBUSACE$22,124,000Current
55Fuel Receipt Area & Storage TankBeale AFB, CAUSACE$14,549,630Current
54KC-46A ADAL Hydrant Fuel & PavementTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$3,515,000Current
52Additional Storage TanksSan Diego International Airport, CABurns & McDonnell$9,404,446Current
51Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks*RAAF Darwin, AustraliaUS Navy$64,698,875Current
53Replace Jet Fuel ComplexFresno ANGB, CAUSACE$16,833,7872022
50POL Fill Stand Addition*Nellis AFB, NVUSACE$9,200,9442020
49Replace Hydrant Fuel SystemTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$27,753,0352022
48ADAL Fuel Hydrant System & Paving w/LightingPittsburgh ARS, PAUSACE$45,447,1852020
47Hydrant Fueling SystemNellis AFB, NVUSACE$32,930,1362019
46Type IV Hydrant Fuel System RepairMisawa AB, JapanUSACE$5,349,1092018
45Upgrade Fuel Pipeline to Sasa Valley Fuel Farm*Andersen AFB, GuamUS Navy78,435,115.472018
44Repairs to Fuel Facilities*AASF #2, Marana, AZUSACE$1,426,0142017
43DLA Fuel Distribution FacilitiesTinker AFB, Tulsa, OKUSACE$32,060,1002017
42Replace Hydrant Fuel SystemHolloman AFB, New MexicoUSACE$23,567,1882017
41Replace Fuel StorageEdwards AFB, CAUSACE$20,648,7462016
40Fuel Island Upgrade*Hunter AAF, Savannah, GAUSACE$13,407,4192016
39Construct Fuel Storage FacilityHurlburt Field, FLUSACE$15,102,4002015
38Type III Hydrant Fuel SystemDavis-Monthan AFB, AZUSACE$20,032,3402015
37Replace Fuel Storage Facilities*NB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$183,057,2122014
36In-Line Fueling StationsMCAS Miramar, CAUS Navy$12,148,4522014
35Replace Fuel Storage & Distribution SystemMCAS Miramar, CAUS Navy$29,231,7322012
34Aircraft Direct Fueling StationNAF El Centro, CAUS Navy$8,340,9592011
33Replace Fuel Storage & Load FacilitiesCannon AFB, NMUSACE$12,571,8642009
32Fixed Wing Fueling System & ApronMCAS Yuma, AZUS Navy$12,402,1982008
31Hydrant Fuel SystemMcConnell AFB, KSUSACE$15,880,4342008
30Rotary Apron & Hydrant Fuel SystemMCAS Yuma, AZUS Navy$11,485,7222007
29Replace Hydrant Fuel SystemHickam AFB, HawaiiUSACE$28,998,4932007
28Petroleum Storage Facility*Al Udeid Air Base, QatarDLA Energy$122,667,5832007
27Type III Hydrant Fuel SystemTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$13,360,3772006
26Type III Hydrant Fuel SystemNellis AFB, NevadaUSACE$11,694,5902005
25Replace POL Hydrant System, Phases 3 & 4Andersen AFB, GuamUS Navy$34,156,6772005
24Replace Fuel Storage TanksNAS North Island, CAUS Navy$11,475,1602004
23Jet Fuel SystemNevatim AFB, IsraelUSACE$13,910,0672004
22Repair Bulk Fuel Storage TanksTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$6,112,5632004
21Consolidated Fuel Project, Phase 2 & 5Andersen AFB, GuamUS Navy$28,101,8692002
20Replace POL Hydrant Fueling System, Phase 1Andersen AFB, GuamUS Navy$17,467,6982001
19Repair Hydrant Fuel SystemDiego Garcia, BIOTUS Navy$6,626,7272000
18C17 Ramp, Hydrant Fuels SystemMcChord AFB, WAUSACE$14,836,5712000
17Replace Fuel TankageElmendorf AFB, AKUSACE$10,506,3822000
16Hydrant Fuel System, West RampElmendorf AFB, AKUSACE$12,999,5171999
15Replace Hydrant Fuel SystemTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$13,233,9361998
14Upgrade Hydrant Fueling SystemBarksdale AFB, LAUS Navy$11,250,6621998
13Replace Fuel PipelineAndersen AFB, GuamUS Navy$11,879,2391998
12Reconfigure Apron & Hydrant Fuel SystemAltus AFB, OKUSACE$9,287,5471997
11Hydrant Fuel System / Ramp LightingTravis AFB, CAUS Navy$22,743,3891996
10Upgrade Hydrant Fuel SystemGrand Forks AFB, NDUSACE$2,977,1291994
9Upgrade Hydrant Fueling System, Phase 1Dover AFB, DEUSACE$11,783,3701996
8Pressurized Hydrant Fueling SystemDyess AFB, TXUSACE$12,209,0891996
7Jet Fuel Storage ComplexNiagara Falls Airport, NYNY ANG$10,716,9221995
6Replace JP-5 PipelineDFSP Point Molate, CAUS Navy$1,067,4161993
5Fuel Tankage ReplacementCraney Island, VAUS Navy$19,375,5981995
4Jet Fuel Storage FacilityMarch AFB, CAUSACE$11,877,2821993
3Hydrant Fuel System & Parking ApronMcChord AFB, WAUSACE$10,990,7061991
2Jet Fuel Storage & Dispensing FacilityCastle AFB, CAUS Navy$9,343,6711991
1Hydrant Fuel SystemFairchild AFB, WAUSAF$4,380,5071985
*Notes Joint-Venture Project

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