Electrical Construction

Project NameLocationClientValueCompleted
32Lawrence Livermore National SecurityLawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CALawrence Livermore National Security, LLC$7,060,700Current
31Rebuild Base Detachment & Air Station BorinquenCoast Guard Air Station Borinquen, Aguadilla, Puerto RicoDepartment of Homeland Security$66,541,438Current
30Site 300 U865D T525 Replacement Project*Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CADepartment of Energy$1,291,3002021
29Exascale Computing Facility Modernization*Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, CADepartment of Energy$55,378,3432022
28Expand Electrical Distribution System (EEDS) Construction Additive Alternates*Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, CADepartment of Energy$1,619,7402020
26Drydock 4 and Pier 3 ModernizationNavalBase Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUnited States Navy$45,730,335Current
25Exascale Computing Facility Modernization Site Preparation*Lawrence Livermore Lab, CADep. of Energy$3,128,7262020
24Expand Electrical Distribution System*Lawrence Livermore Lab, CADep. of Energy$24,160,3082019
23First Powerhouse Circuit Breaker & Transformer ReplacementBonneville Dam, ORUSACE$31,019,6692022
22Upgrade Power Plant & Electrical DistributionPMRF, Makaha Ridge, HIUS Navy$41,025,7102021
21Airfield Lighting ModernizationMCB Kaneohe, HIUS Navy$26,754,995Current
20Drydock 6 Modernization & Utility ImprovementsNB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$21,274,801Current
19P-151 Replace Fuel Pier*NB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$68,518,1682018
18Upgrade Fuel Pipeline to Sasa Valley Fuel Farm*Andersen AFB, GuamUS Navy$52,364,4002018
17Explosives Handling Wharf #2*NB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$348,383,2522016
16Repair UtilitiesNWS Earle, NJUS Navy$19,425,9502016
15Type III Hydrant Fuel SystemDavis-Monthan AFB, AZUSACE$20,032,3402015
14Replace Fuel Storage Facilities*NB Point Loma, CAUS Navy$183,057,2122014
13In-Line Fueling StationsMCAS Miramar, CAUS Navy$12,148,4522014
12Integrated Drydock Water Treatment, DD6NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$9,449,2502013
11CVN Maintenance Pier Replacement*NB Kitsap, Bremerton, WAUS Navy$139,763,5042013
10Drydock 1 & 2 Ship Support ServicePearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$29,993,9752013
9Aircraft Direct Fueling StationNAF El Centro, CAUS Navy$8,340,9592011
8Fixed Wing Fueling System & ApronMCAS Yuma, AZUS Navy$12,402,1982008
7Rotary Apron & Hydrant Fuel SystemMCAS Yuma, AZUS Navy$11,485,7222007
6Petroleum Storage Facility*Al Udeid Air Base, QatarDLA Energy$122,667,5832007
5Mission Support Services for SSBN/SSGNNB Kitsap, Bangor, WAUS Navy$12,904,0512007
4Drydock 4 ShorepowerPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$4,473,5252007
3Consolidated Dry Docks A & BPearl Harbor, HIUS Navy$13,740,1692005
2P-700A Berthing Wharf, Phase 2San Diego, CAUS Navy$45,046,8542002
1Improvements to Wharves D, E & FMayport, FLUS Navy$18,146,8792001
*Notes Joint-Venture Project

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